Ages: 5+
Lesson Time: 30 minutes (TriplePlay 30) or 60 minutes (TriplePlay 60) each assigned week
Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Drums(Only in TriplePlay60)

TriplePlay 30/Learning the same instrument together!

Two-Three students paired up to learn how to play together!  Class meets each  scheduled week for 30 minutes.  Students will be paired by closeness in age and by similar instruments.  This class does not include drums as a choice.

TriplePlay 60/  Hands-On Learning Through Three Unique Music Stations!

Three students are immersed in an hour-long class filled with applied music theory and fun! Each student learns individually, guided by the teacher as they are cycled through three unique learning stations.

1)Private time with the teacher

2) Tech Lab

3) Hands-on theory games and activities

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​​TriplePlay 30 & 60 Music Class

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